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Ashy's Japan Landscaping is owned and operated by Tom Ashizawa.

He has over 20 years of knowledge and experience in the landscaping business here in Canada and Japan.

He has been devoting himself to pursuit his studies and aims for a high quality of work for his clients.

"In Japan, there are the concepts of WABI and SABI, which originally come from the tea ceremony.

WABI... the beauty to be found in quietness and simplicity.
SABI... the beauty of patina from ancient times.

Those two are the antithesis of materialism.

It is the same as the ZEN which throws away a vicious mind and gazes at our own essence.

Japanese gardens are often a concentrated expression of the spirit of the tea ceremony.

My garden design ideas come from those cultural backgrounds.
I feel calm when I draw the landscape design and it is my ZEN, too."

- Tom Ashizawa

Ashy's Japan Landscaping is a member of Japanese Gardener's Association (VJGA).
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